HIPERLAM – €3.75 million for High Performance Laser Additive Manufacturing initiative – November 2016

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The HIPERLAM consortium has received a prestigious award of €3.75 million in funding from the European Commission as part of its Factories of the Future (FoF) scheme. The project aims to demonstrate superior cost and speed performance from laser-based additive manufacturing compared to existing processes in two key applications requiring high resolution printed conductive metallic lines, namely laser printed RFID antenna (Application 1) and laser printed Fingerprint sensors (Application 2). The promise of HIPERLAM’s high resolution laser based additive manufacturing solutions is to transform the manufacturing processing speed by 10x for laser printed RFID antenna and 5x in the case of the lead-time for laser printed fingerprint sensor design. Similarly, HIPERLAM promises to reduce costs by 20x and 50% respectively for Application 1 and Application 2.


About the HIPERLAM project

The key technologies of the project are laser printing (based upon Laser Induced Forward Transfer-LIFT technology) laser sintering and patterning which will replace existing subtractive processes. HIPERLAM will focus on novel nano-silver and nano-copper viscous inks for the printing and sintering of metallic conductive lines for electronics applications.

The HIPERLAM project will launch in November 2016 and research will be conducted over three years.


About the HIPERLAM consortium

The project is coordinated by Orbotech Ltd of Israel, one of the leading provider of process innovation technologies, solutions and equipment serving the global electronics manufacturing industry. The key exploitation leads are Orbotech and Oxford Lasers. Academic partner, National Technical University of Athens and innovation partner, TNO of the Netherlands, provide vital knowledge in the key technologies. PVN Nanomaterials, also of Israel, provides the innovative novel inks. Two SME end-users, Flextronics and Pragmatic Printing will replace their existing processes with HIPERLAM technology. Kite Innovation will support the dissemination and exploitation planning activities.