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HIPERDIASHIgh throughPut LasER processing of DIAmond and Silcon

Kite has secured a new project in H2020 ICT with the University of Stuttgart for the development and the application of high-power highly efficient ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers in micro-machining The project HIPERDIAS aims at the development of laser systems with kW-class average output power and sub-1ps pulses at high-repetition rates (MHz).

The Project is coordinated by Dr. M. Abdou Ahmed and brings together academic and industrial partner from across the EU, including:

  • University of Stuttgart (Germany)
  • Amplitude Systèmes (France)
  • Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mikro- und Optoelektronik mit beschränkter Haftung GMBH (Germany)
  • Element Six Limited (Ireland)
  • Robert Bosch (Germany)
  • Université de Limoges (France)
  • GLOPhotonics (France)
  • Laser Engineering Applications S.A. (Belgium)
  • Class 4 Laser Professional AG (Switzerland)
  • & Kite Innovation (Europe) Ltd (United Kingdom)

For more information about the Project, visit the website at http://www.hiperdias.eu